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Play Wheely 6 – Fairy Tale

Cute and colorful car Wheely 6 Fairytale – Red car Wheely 6 fairy tale Game is a game full of fun puzzles

The game is played with the mouse. Moves when you click on the car. It stops when you click again. You can select the language of the game from the bottom right corner.

Introducing the game

In this fun game you have obstacles in front of Red Car Wheely and help him overcome these obstacles by solving some puzzles. We will successfully complete the red car by completing all missions. Good games, have fun.

Wheely 6 Fairy Tale Game Presentation

If you are having difficulty in the game Here is the Gameplay video

The Wheely fairy tale game is full of puzzles. You can hang out somewhere in the game. In some stages, you may want to force and copy. Or you might be wondering how to get the stars. In the game you have the hint video below to get or advance the stars. But if you want to enjoy the game, try not to do it every time you have difficulty.

In the first part we put on our 3D glasses and enter the cinema.
In section 2, we cross the bridge and repair the car. Place the wheel of the truck and let your way out.
In Chapter 3, we will duel with the opposite vehicle. If we choose the appropriate weapon, we get it to fall into the pit.
In section 4, close the eyes of the above armored car for the bridge to descend. Then we do camouflage on the trees and we go slowly and the guards pass without notice.

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