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Children will enjoy this Platform game very much. You can play at your mobile phone, tablet or PC for free. Purple monster collecting candy is waiting for you.

Version: Free
System : Android, IOS Cep, tablet or PC

Sweet Monster mobile game. play Now

Sweet Monster is 2D endless platform game. The goal is to collect as many candies as possible to avoid all obstacles and get high scores. Combo moves will increase your score and you will receive a higher prize.

platform game sweet monster

Sweet monster, cute sweet game like name. The little purple monster is overloading obstacles and collects lots of sugar. Some objects are dangerous for him. I have to pay attention that some places may fall below.

You can play this nice platform game from your mobile phone tablet or pc computer. The controls of the game have been shown on the mobile phone above. You do this with your finger on the mobile phones on the computer with the Z, X and direction keys do.

As games site, we will continue to share platform games. The most beautiful games, the best days to be with you. Goodbye.

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