Play shooting games (PC)

Play Bubble Shooter Game.

The name of this game: Balloon blasting. Shoot the colored balloons, shoot the balloons of the same color, you can explode the balloons. Combine at least three balls and watch the colored balloons explode.

The game is played on the computer using the mouse.

To play the game in your browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc.) should allow flash to play. If you cannot see the game, check whether your browser settings (Advanced settings – Content settings) are allowed.

Introducing the Bubble Shooter Game

We’re together with a game that everyone loves. Bubble shooter game using the mouse from the bottom to the top we are throwing. The color of the ball will change after every shot. We eliminate at least 3 of the above balls. Clear the game area and move to the new section. We’re trying to shoot hit shots, because after a while, the balloons are approaching us. We fail if we don’t destroy them and let them get too close to us.

Bubble shooter Game Introduction

Although the game seems simple, you feel the need to develop strategy after a while. Where to throw the ball. I’m supposed to do a good shot. Or should I throw the media in a suitable place, thinking about the next balls? It will be difficult to move forward without thinking about them.

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