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Play Bad Ice Cream-Two Persons Flash Game

In this two-person game he is known as the bad ice cream game or the cheerful ice creams (the only person can play well) to collect the fruits without getting caught in the monsters.

You can use W, S, A, D to navigate. Space or F keys to produce ice or you can break the existing ice.

Presentation of the game

The goal in the game is to escape from the monsters inside the labyrinth and collect the fruits. This game is not exactly like the game if the game resembles the famous Pacman game. In this game, as you can escape from monsters, you can break the ice to get them out of them, or you can chase them and chase them in the ice by producing ice wherever you want.

play bad ice cream game

It is important to develop practical intelligence and strategy in the game. At the most convenient time you can create ice by trapping monsters, so you can walk around in a comfortable, comfortable labyrinth.

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