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Join more than 25 million players with free, multiplayer PC fps game Paladins. Customize your main abilities to reflect your style of play and use your weapons and your magic as a legendary Champion of Realm

Version: Free
Language: English
System : 64 bit Windows

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Paladins has an exciting fantasy environment and includes a wide range of Champions, including sniper people, mechanical goblins, mystical elves, and jet-rocketed dragons. Each champion has his own skills on the battlefield, and new Champions are added regularly to keep the excitement of the game.

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Players take on the role of one of a series of cartoon characters, each with their own special weapons and abilities. Players often work with their teams to reach a specific goal of each team, some of which are more interesting than others.

paladins multiplayer fps

Why is Paladins playing so much? The first and foremost reason is the quality of the play. This is a free game, but it certainly does not feel like that. There’s a much higher graphic level than expected, and the characters are great fun.

Paladins Download and Play