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Play 3D Free Kick Game on your mobile phone

Play free 3d football free kick game for mobile phones tablets. Android, iOS mobile phones playable 3d free kick game awaits you for excitement. You will see the game introductory video below.

Introductory video of the game

Version: Free
Language: English
System: Android IOS Mobile, tablet or PC

3d Frikik Mobile Game Introduction

This beautiful football game designed for mobile phones can also be played on the computer. The game’s graphics are really nice for a game of click-to-play style and it gives 3d air. 

Play 3d free kick game in your pocket

In the game we choose one of the country flags and play our first game for the World Cup. After the first qualifying round, the quarterfinals, the semifinals and the final match. We use a few free kick in the game. When you’re using these frikik, we need to set the ball hit speed and the place where the ball goes. At first it’s hard, but after a while, you’re a master. Grab-drag style is shot at the ball. 

3d football game in the pocket

If we hit the green figure, we get the score written there. We get good points when we throw them sideways and 90’s. Free kicks are thrown at different angles. The most difficult is the narrow angle. We need to make these shots as fast as possible. The goalkeeper is fine on other rounds although the first round is weak

Feel the true 3D football air on your mobile phone

As the level increases in the game, things get harder. Goalkeeper also masters, but also added to the defender. In the picture above we see an image from the quarter finals. Both defenders and goalkeeper need skill when they score. They gave the game a really good 3D air. Sometimes you can get the spin on the ball. especially from 90 to score very enjoyable.

Tip: When going to the ball, you can change the direction.

Play Android Soccer Game

In the picture above, we see an image of the semi-final match. The jobs have been very difficult. While we can barely see the castle, we have to destroy both the goalkeeper and the three defenders. When we tried to play for you for about 20 minutes we saw that we could go to the finals. But we failed the final match. We’ll leave that to you. 

Normally when we try to play, ” aa yes such a game, and a few minutes after the game was closed, we’ve been stuck in this game. We hope you will love this nice free game. Definitely recommend if you are looking for a nice soccer game for your mobile phone.

We will continue to share sports games and football games. The most beautiful games, the best entertainment with you. Happy Days.

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