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The Games site is full version with a car driving and shooting game. In this beautiful game we control a vehicle that can fly by firing and flying as needed. Fire and Forget free racing game download and start the fun.

Version: Ücrets
izsystem: Windows p
c Download size: 107 MB

We actually get the game in the category of racing games, but our goal is not to compete with anyone. Destroying terrorists trying to take over the world. We’re doing this in a vehicle that flies when it’s needed and is equipped with awesome weapons.

Fire and Forget game controls
That’s how the game controls.

Shoot and forget, an exciting free shooting game that is cited for a dystopic future. After the thermonuclear war disrupting the world and the Law and order, a terrorist group set out to finish everything and everyone once and for all. And you were sent on a mission to stop them. It is up to you to decide who will stand and protect the rest of mankind.

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A nice game that we can recommend for free racing game seekers

Fire and Forget game features

Advanced weapons, incredible gameplay and great graphics. When you get close to the enemy of the vehicle, aim well and destroy them. This full-free shooting game features hundreds of enemies at each level, 10 levels, detailed car and weapon designs and the ability to upgrade and customize your vehicle. For systems running Microsoft Windows, download the full version of the Fire and Forget game for free.

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Destroy and move enemies by firing

In free games, it’s really hard to find such beautiful games. All the game manufacturer does is to give a link to their site after playing the game. The site automatically opens when the game is closed. So that’s it, right? 

Flying Car Game Hotfile
In this beautiful car driving and shooting game you can have a flying car when you want your vehicle.

As you move forward in this game, a number of obstacles are damaging your car. To get rid of them, you must press SPACE and switch to the flying car mode. But you should do it at the appropriate times. Because your car is flying temporarily. Then he’s down.

Fire and Forget free racing game Download

The excitement of the free racing game Fire and Forget continues. You have the opportunity to upgrade your vehicle after completing a stage. So you experience new experiences with your car, which gives you new features.

Games site will continue to share free racing games. Get the most beautiful games and the best fun. You can download the game from the link below.

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