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Crazy Ball. Flash Game for 2 people

With a game of 2 players on the Games site, we’re with the crazy ball. In this game that looks like basketball, you jump in the ball with your head and try to lower the ball into the opponent’s hoop. 

Game CONTROLS: Single mode: keyboard directional keys for two people mod: W, A, S, D and directional keys

In the first game you are making easy-hard choice. We are easy to choose (easy) But our opponent beat us badly. We don’t think the game maker could have set this up. In the easy setting, a beginner should be able to win without difficulty.

Crazy top two player flash game

When we play to examine and introduce the game, as you can see, we have chosen the easy mode and we are defeated by a margin like 12 -2 and we have no chance of defeating it. So we think it would be more appropriate for you to play two friends amongst yourselves. 

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