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Play mobile free kick game. Soccertastic World Cup

Free-kick game prepared for mobile phones and tablets. You can also play on your Pc. We continue to choose and share the most beautiful games for those who love football and penalty games. Play the penalty game in the pocket and start the fun.

Introductory video of the game

You can play the game on your computer, Android or iOS mobile phone and tablets.

Play penalty game in your pocket

Play penalty game mobile and start fun

The original name of the game is Soccertastic World Cup. We are shooting a castle in this football game. The goalkeeper is saving the ball from time to time. Every goal we score is written as a score. If we succeed in throwing to the points shown as targets, these points are increasing exponentially.

Play free kick game in your pocket

We try to achieve maximum score in a certain time in the game. What we love most about this penalty game is that you are very sensitive to your hand movement (or mouse movements if you are playing on the PC). So shooting and scoring is very enjoyable.

This penalty game is starting to show you the target after a certain level. Even after a point this target is moving. His movements are accelerating.

Play penalty game

The most beautiful penalty games on the site

When we played the game for you and tried it again, we realized that we were playing again and almost addictive. In general, you feel that you are shooting at the right time in this game, while the penalty games are based on a constantly moving hand. We think that lovers of penalty games and free kick games will love this game. As a Games site, we will continue to share the most beautiful sports games and the most beautiful penalty games. Goodbye, hope to see you again. 

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