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Play 3d Air Hockey two person mobile game

Beautiful and exciting sports game 3d air hockey. You can play for free on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. It’s a two-man game. You can play against the computer or with a friend.

Version: Free
system: Android iOS Mobile, tablet or PC

Play 3d Air Hockey mobile game Now

Play this fast 3d version of the popular arcade sports game where your reaction skills are measured! Compete against a computer or a friend on your mobile device. Choose a challenge that fits your skills and select the target score. 

The graphics of the game are very pleasant. We tried the game for you on the computer. However, we did not know whether we chose the wrong setting, but even in the first round, the game was very difficult. In fact, we were defeated badly … Perhaps it is more difficult to play with the mouse on the computer. We play on the phone and write our opinion again.

Afterward editing: Yes we played on mobile and there was a bitter defeat. However, there is no need to worry. You can also play with a friend. When two friends think what we do, you can sit and play this game on the same mobile phone or tablet. When we tried the game on the mobile phone, we saw that it could be played on a horizontal or vertical screen.

Two seater mobile game air Hockey

Air hockey is a two-player mobile game that looks like this when you hold the phone vertically. It’s easier to play like this.

Your reflexes should be good for you to succeed in this game. Quickness, fast thinking, fast action, quick decision. It’s also the most commonly used tactic to force the opponent to throw her on the sidewalls and keep her indecisive.

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